Property Council Guide to Measurement

Realserve Property Council of Australia Method of Measurement

The Property Council of New Zealand has written the Guide for the Measurement of Rentable Areas and provides a uniform and impartial method of measuring floor space for commercial, industrial and retail premises which will be acceptable to all those in the provision and utilisation of space.

It is recommended by Property Council New Zealand that this guide be referred to in lease documents and the relevant method applied should be specified, as widely as possible.

Because all buildings are different and each has its own unique set of conditions, calculating the rentable area of a tenancy can be difficult, and while the Property Council’s guidelines do an excellent job of defining the criteria for calculating areas, it would be impossible to cover all eventualities that can arise in the built world. This is where the experience and knowledge base of a good surveyor comes into play.


Guide to measurement of Rentable Areas

Realserve has been at the forefront of producing Rentable Area Surveys for many years and are now renowned in the industry as the foremost experts in lettable area determinations. With many thousands of rentable area surveys behind us, we have an extensive knowledge base of experience to draw upon to ensure the rentable area derived from a property is fair and just to all parties concerned. We understand the local and legislative requirement for a lease in any part of the country.

Realserve has proudly supported the Property Council in this regard. Purchase your copy of the Method of Measurement for Rentable Areas, from the Property Council.

Alternatively, give us a call and we would be happy to discuss the correct method of measurement required for your space survey. If you have questions relating to the interpretations of the different method of measurements, i.e between Method 1 - Office and Method 4 Industrial your local Realserve representative would be in a position to discuss at a time convenient to you. Click to have a surveying expert call you back

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to the Method of measurement 1 paragraphs in the PCNZ Guide, the total Rentable area of a building is the sum of all rentable areas. Clause 1.3 notes toilets are included and if identified separately should be in accordance with Clause 1.2.3 and disregard all fixtures and other protrusions. It  Clause 1.3.4 is noteworthy for the avoidance of doubt of a single tenant in a building.

Areas set aside as public space of thoroughfares are excluded in Clause 1.4. Where it is noted the ground floor entrance lobby in Method one does not form part of the rentable area. It is best to have this be agreed by both parties at the negotiation stage.

Method of measurement 4 is for industrial type buildings. Clause 4.7 notes that it is the intention that office areas, stairs and all other use and facilities within the buildings shall be included in the measurement of Rentable Areas.

Excluded from rentable area calculations, would be:

  • Large voids over an office entry foyer