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01 Jan 2018
Realserve Login to Online Document Library

Need an easier way to manage your Surveys, Plans and 3D Scans?

Start Confident knowing all your Realserve surveys can be accessed instantly through our online document library.


Simplify sharing for your team and end users

  • All your Realserve surveys and documentation are stored online in organised project folders
  • Click. Tap. Share. That’s how simple it is for you and your colleagues to share Realserve survey files with confidence. No downloads, no plugins, no problems


Work confidently with business-class security and reliability

  • Hosted through Sharefile by citrix, it has bank-level encryption
  • File and Folder permissions controlled by you and your team
  • Access your Realserve survey files, where and when you need them from any device


Enjoy the benefits immediately

  • Realserve will upload all Surveys, Plans and 3D Scans in PDF and issued file types
  • Eliminate confusing email threads, easily locate the correct survey file every time
  • Save time looking for lost drawings, login, view and issue


Online Document Library solution details

  • One-time start-up fee. Realserve upload any existing sites on file
  • Annual fee. Realserve will host and maintain an online document library - reviewed annually

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