Rentable Area Surveys to discover area affecting historic changes

Case Study NZ Historic Changes 1

The Task

Our client recently purchased an historic site on the Auckland CBD fringe. Leasing documentation that changed hands at the time of purchase ranged from area estimations through to signed photocopies of irrelevant data.

Our client understood the need to have the entire premises measured for accurate asset analysis and tenancy area break-downs.

They also wanted to assess what components of the building were permanent structures, as the historical site had several covenants attached to it.

 Case Study NZ Historic Changes 3


The Approach

The number and variety of tenancies increased the complexity of scheduling surveys, however Realserve responded immediately to everyone’s individual requirements once given the go-ahead.

As the premises was a stand-alone building, Realserve measured the entire site externally before moving to internal measurements. This allowed us to define the actual boundaries for each level and removed the risk of missing hidden voids or passages common to buildings of this era.

Each tenancy was fixed to survey control points for the level it was located on to ensure absolute accuracy.


The Result

Site discoveries showed additions to some tenancies, hidden voids in others, overflow of storage areas and an historic mezzanine floor.

The final plans allowed our client to visually understand the site and each tenancy split without having to spend time questioning the accuracy of their data.