Existing Conditions and Rentable Area Surveys for Residential Upgrade

Case Study NZ Residential Upgrade 2

The Task

Our long-term client recently purchased an historic hotel and apartments located on a key intersection in the CBD. The latest plans and leasing documentation were over 15 years old.

They realised the potential of their purchase was huge. They returned to Realserve with a request to measure 65 apartments across 4 levels, showing existing conditions including partitions, kitchens and amenities, and to provide accurate rentable areas for residential tenancies.


The Approach

The number of apartments increased the complexity. Each tenant had their own schedule and request to be present or not when we were on site.

Using two teams, we measured the external elevations while the other team worked internally to complete the building floor by floor. Survey control points along each central corridor allowed us to accurately link and lock-in the data from multiple areas and days.

The data was also consolidated at the end of each day, allowing us to combine apartment measures which had more pressing time constraints and use less intrusive forms of measure.


Case Study NZ Residential Upgrade 1 

The Result

Due to Realserve’s ability to perform external and internal measurements, we were able to satisfy the clients desire for accurate elevations, floor plans and rentable areas.

This became even more obvious when the Property Council of NZ issued new guidelines of measure for Residential and Apartments half way through our process of drawing.

Our initial interpretation of internal measurements for area was officially changed to external measures. This up to date knowledge resulted in increased areas of most apartments of 1.5 sqm and more.