Topographical & Detail Surveys

Every property owner wants their parcel of land to be utilised in the best possible way during the design and construction process. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is with a Topographical & Detail Survey.


What is a Topographical and Detail Survey?

A Topographical/Detail Survey gathers data on all land features and details. These surveys locate and measure all natural and man-made features and elevations.

Topographical & detail surveys clearly define the contours of the land by showing slopes, depressions, and valleys, along with physical features (natural and man-made) such as buildings, roads, and vegetation within the boundaries of your title.

If you would like to see an example Topographical/Detail Survey, click here to view our Sample Plans or scroll to the end of this page.


Do I need a Topographical/Detail Survey?

A Topographical Survey is an extremely worthwhile resource to understand how your proposed design will fit within its environment. Gaining a Topographical/Detail Survey will show you the way in which the natural surrounds will play on your design and provide you with a more effective way of knowing what type of design you can produce efficiently and effectively.

Topographical surveys are required for several purposes. This includes;

  • Accurately locating and measuring all land/building features
  • Before constructing or extending a building
  • For land valuation purposes
  • To determine existing conditions of a site, and discover any issues
  • Providing architects and engineers with precise information for design purposes
  • To show where new structures could be included, and what kind of structures will fit


At Realserve our surveyors have many years of experience and can work through the process with you, for a successful outcome of your project.

If you would like more information about Topographical and Detail Surveys or about your project, a local NZ Realserve surveyor would be glad to discuss more. Click to have one of our surveying experts call you back


Sample Plans