Subdivision Plans

What is a Subdivision Plan?

A subdivision plan outlines both existing boundaries and marks new boundaries. A subdivision plan is produced after a survey of your property or land. The survey determines the existing boundaries, and identifies the new proposed boundaries for the subdivision. When you want to subdivide a property, a compliant subdivision survey and plan is required before any other processes.


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Why do I need a Subdivision Survey/Plan?

Subdividing your property in New Zealand into two or more lots requires a Subdivision Survey and an application to your local authority and council for approval.

At Realserve, all our registered surveyors have many years of experience and are able to work through the Subdivision Plan process with you, for an efficient and successful outcome of your project.

Land divisions can be carried out on a range of property types including vacant land, buildings, and multi-level developments.


The land division or subdivision process will generally involve four main steps, including:

    1. The preparation of a plan by a qualified licensed surveyor,
    2. Lodgement of your application for a planning permit and certification to local council or authority
    3. Referral to service authorities for consent and compliance, and finally
    4. Registration with the Land Titles office.



The subdivision process can be substantial and time-consuming, so engaging a surveyor as soon as possible is usually the best step.

If you have questions relating to Subdivision Plans in New Zealand, and how we can best assist you with your project, one of our surveyors would be happy to contact you. Click to have one of our surveying experts call you back.


Sample Plans