Creation of easement survey

Creation of Easement surveys are important to get right. We can help you by efficiently providing accurate measurements of sections of land, to provide others with the right to use your land.


What is a Creation of Easement Survey?

The easement on a property is a section of land registered on a property title which provides an entity with the right to use the land for a specific purpose, regardless of the fact they are not the landowner. Creation of Easement Surveys show exact measurements of a section of land to be used for easement purposes. Creation of Easement plans include access to shared driveways, power lines, or drainage.

To see what our easement plans look like, take a look at the Creation of Easement Survey examples and sample plans at the end of this page.


Why do I need a Creation of Easement Survey?

A Creation of Easement Survey plan is required to provide and show equal access throughout a subdivision. An easement survey also shows what site features subdivision tenants share, such as a shared wall that cannot be knocked down without the approval of both tenants.

It is vitally important to adequately and carefully define any easement that is to be created. Future development or subdivision applications may be rejected if your easement plans are not sufficiently precise.


Our Licensed and Qualified Surveyors have many years of experience. We can work through the easement process with you, for a successful outcome of your project.

If you have questions relating to Easement Surveys and how best we can assist you, a local Realserve surveyor would be happy to discuss more at a time convenient to you. Click to have one of our surveying experts call you back.


Sample Plans