Cadastral Surveys

At Realserve, we undertake Cadastral Surveys. Cadastral Surveys include Identification Surveys and Title Re-establishment Surveys, to determine the position of fencing and occupation of title boundaries.

Cadastral Surveys are required for due diligence and design.


What are Cadastral Surveys?

Cadastral Surveying is a type of Land Surveying. The purpose of our Cadastral Survey services is to precisely identify boundaries and measure title re-establishments. Cadastral Surveys are necessary for making sure your property and developments are compliant with legislation, and are helpful in planning your building design.


Why do I need a Cadastral Survey?

Cadastral Surveys assist you with several things in your project, such as:

  • Marking of boundaries for development, building work or new fencing,
  • Examining as to whether there are any building encroachment issues,
  • Assisting to resolve any disputes with neighbours over land boundary lines, and
  • Clarifying the ownership of any trees on and close to boundaries.


Why Realserve?

Our surveyors have extensive experience in producing Cadastral Surveys and land surveys. Based in Auckland, we are equipped to assist you in any region of New Zealand. 

Our cadastral data will show you the exact boundaries and ownership of land and buildings. You will be provided with an accurate recording of the boundaries. Below is an example Cadastral survey plan.

Cadastral Survey Data NZ


If you would like more information about Cadastral Surveys or our land surveying services, one of our surveyors call you at a convenient time to discuss more. Click to have one of our surveying experts call you back.