Building Set-Out Surveys

A Building Set-Out Survey assists you in keeping your construction and developments within your legal property boundaries. They also help your contractors and builders accurately follow your designs and plans, as you can provide them with precise Building Set-Out Surveys.


What is a Building Set-Out Survey?

A Set-Out Survey places your building design onto a precise survey of the land. Builders, engineers, architects and more can follow a Set-Out Survey for a streamlined construction and/or development process.

Key aspects of your design are established, and markers are set down by the survey to guide the building process. A Building Set-Out Survey in NZ can assist you right from levelling the site, to pouring the foundation, and even through to finished floor heights if needed.


 Click here to view a Building Set-Out Survey example.


Why do I need a Building Set-Out Survey?

Set-Out Surveys can be required for a variety of different projects:

  • Developments, ranging from small dwellings to major commercial high-rise projects,
  • Constructing or refurbishing bridges, tunnels, and roadways, etc.,
  • Any additions or extensions to existing buildings,
  • And more.

Building Set-Out Surveys are important for any kind of construction work in New Zealand. Set-Out Surveys allow builders to accurately visualise how a proposed structure will fit into a space. Builders can follow the key points and markers provided on the survey plan and use these as a guide for complete confidence in construction.


Building Set-Out Surveys allow for design, construction, and developments to be precise and efficient, saving your time and money.


Our surveyors have several years of experience working with land surveys and Building Set-Out Surveys. We can work through the process with you, wherever you are in NZ, for a successful outcome of your project.


If you have questions relating to Building Set-Out Surveys in New Zealand, or would like more information on our land survey services, one of our local surveyors can call you to discuss more at a convenient time. Click to have one of our surveying experts call you back.


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