Boundary Surveys

A Boundary Survey is the most accurate method to give you peace of mind about your property investment.


What is a Boundary Survey?

A Boundary Survey, or Boundary Identification Survey, measures a parcel of land which you are intending or planning to purchase or build on, and identifies any encroachments by or upon that property.

To see some examples of Boundary Surveys, have a look at our Sample Plans at the end of this page.


What will my Boundary Survey include?

Typically, a Boundary Survey would include the following:

  • General identity of your property on the site,
  • Any existing encroachments by fences, buildings or other improvements,
  • Possible discrepancies in dimensions between the title deed of your lot and the survey,
  • Clarification as to whether positions of buildings relative to boundaries comply with local New Zealand Acts,
  • Any existing easements which your property is subject to or which may impact on a proposed development,
  • Proposed acts or changes which may affect your land, or any other matters which arise while the survey is performed.


Why should I get a Boundary Survey?

All computations are completed by one of our surveyors with cadastral endorsement. Our surveyors in New Zealand are licensed or registered in the relevant jurisdiction of your region.

We bring over 18 years in land surveying experience. We can work closely with you to produce an accurate and precise survey plan, wherever you are in New Zealand.


If you have questions relating to Boundary Surveys, or how we can assist you in your project, a local Realserve surveyor would be happy to discuss more at a convenient time. Click to have one of our experts call you back.




Sample Plans