Services Plans

At Realserve, we understand that maintenance schedules can be daunting. Our detailed services plans allow you to manage all the systems within your plant room and factory in the most efficient manner.


What is a Services Plan?

Our Services Plans show critical information at a glance, from the make and model of the plant, right down to the location and size of plant room items. Any modification or flow on designs can be addressed swiftly to enhance the equipment you have.


Detailed services plans can include several services of a site, such as:

- Ceiling services

E.g. Lighting, smoke and fire detection, sprinklers, air conditioning, exit signs

- Floor services

E.g. Power boxes, telephone main distribution frames, drainage points

- Major services

E.g. Sprinkler pipes, waste water pipes, cold water, gas supply

- Electrical services

E.g. Distribution boards, electric panels, main switch boards, sub-boards

- Mechanical services

E.g. Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, pipe runs, outlets

- Fire services

E.g. Sprinklers, intercom points, alarms, emergency lighting


Why do I need a Realserve Services Plan?

A well-maintained plant-room and services to any building or tenancy allows for a trouble-free tenancy. Knowing where all the services are means your subcontractors are able to address your concerns. You won't have to spend extra time on site trying to understand where various components are, as a services plan gives you all the information you need.

We bring over 18 years of experience in producing accurate and precise detailed plans. For more information on how we can work with you and produce a helpful Services Plan for your property anywhere in New Zealand, contact us today.



Alternatively, 3D scanning and our Revit modelling service will also work well as your services plan and provide you with even more detail. Our 3D scans and Revit models will assist you in redesign projects and facilities management of plant rooms and services. Click here to discover more about 3D scanning.


Sample Plans