Rentable Area Survey

At Realserve New Zealand, we understand that it is critical to know the accurate rentable area of your commercial property, and a precise Rentable Area Survey is essential for this.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality floor plan area surveys provided in our unique Rentable Area Survey format that complies with the Method of Measurement as set out by the Property Council of New Zealand (formerly known as BOMA surveys).

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What is a Rentable Area Survey?

A Rentable Area survey is a measured survey of the floor space for leasing purposes and is often used to assist with rental calculations or a property valuation.

To see Rentable Area Survey examples, click here or scroll to the bottom of this page. These were created based on past survey plans provided in New Zealand.

We have 18 years of experience in properly determining the rentable areas is essential to safeguarding the interests of both tenants and owners alike. A small miscalculation in the area of a property can have significant impact when multiplied over the course of a 10 or 20-year lease, so having a precise Rentable Area Plan is a requirement.

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Why do I need a Rentable Area Survey from Realserve?

We know incorrectly quoted building areas can lead to costly disputes even litigation. As industry leaders in the preparation of Rentable Area Surveys (PCNZ / BOMA Surveys), we ensure our surveys are undertaken to the highest level of accuracy by utilizing the latest surveying equipment.

Our Surveyors and technicians offer an unbiased and impartial interpretation of the Property Council of New Zealand guidelines and offer to our clients our years of experience in determining rentable areas.

Realserve provide accuracy and clarity in Rentable Area Surveys, and peace of mind for the agent, owner, and tenant.


Realserve specialise in:


For Commercial Properties, calculating tenancy areas in Office Buildings and Office and Business Parks


For Retail Tenancies, calculating tenancy areas in Shopping Centres, Strip Shops and Free-Standing Shops in suburban streets.


For Industrial Sites, calculating tenancy areas in Warehouses, Industrial Buildings, Free Standing Supermarkets and Showrooms


Our surveyors confirm that all Rentable Area Surveys contain all the requirements listed below. We can do all this for you, lessening your workload and producing a precise plan that you can use effectively.

Rentable Area Survey Checklist

As-Measured Plan

  • Who drew the plan?
  • What influences or exaggerations have been laid out?
  • Standard of accuracy for lease line or areas

Survey Date

  • Most recent revisions
  • Which standard of measurement applies now vs the first plans?

Method of Measure

  • Have there been changes of premises use?
  • Pro rata divisions for shared space
  • Unique inclusions and exclusions per method
  • External face vs internal face measurement

Lease Line Definitions

  • Visible and graphically defined
  • Measurement processes clearly explained
  • RFW (Rentable Face of Wall) vs INT (Internal Wall)
  • Line of Tenancy Produced (LTP) for negotiated boundaries

Correct Areas Apportioned

  • All area properly separated with clear nomenclature
  • The exclusions are clearly outlines: - Base Building Surveys - Voids over Stairs, Mezzanines, et al - Low Head Heights at Stairs, Escalators and similar
  • The Inclusions are clearly outlined, i.e. - Exclusive Zones (Outdoors) and other negotiated areas - Columns - Stairs (for retail)

Comparisons to Older Plans

  • Architectural and/or PCNZ Measured Plans within tolerances; and
  • Similarities or differences compared to earlier work.


If you have questions relating to Rentable Area Surveys in New Zealand, your local Realserve representative can discuss more at a time convenient to you. Click to have one of our experts call you.