Marketing Drawings

Our Marketing Drawings give prospective purchasers and tenants the ability to quickly understand the potential of a space. That’s why at Realserve, we provide easy to read Floor Plan drawings specifically designed for Sales, Marketing, and Leasing Campaigns right across New Zealand.


We are able to provide you with exactly what you need, whether you require marketing drawings for:

  • Commercial,
  • Retail, or
  • Industrial properties


Our simple, understandable, and modern marketing drawings will allow for you to start confidently on your campaign. If our Marketing Drawings are what you're looking for, request a quote today!


Why do I need a Marketing Drawing?

In our marketing drawings, floor arrangements and rundowns of building areas are clearly outlined. This makes it considerably easier for prospective buyers or tenants to envision how the building would suit them.

Your property's plans are drawn to scale indicating the main building dimensions, and we are able to incorporate any custom features you require, like roller doors and their width/height. We can also include tenancy renewal dates and lease information if necessary.


Why Realserve?

Our team brings over 18 years of floor plan experience, so you can be confident that we'll provide you with fast responses, expertise, accuracy, and helpful leadership. We are able to assist you with the survey plans and drawings you require all throughout New Zealand. 

At the top of this page is a Case Study of a time our surveyors worked efficiently and effectively to deliver a survey plan to a shopping centre.


If an accurate marketing drawing from experienced surveyors is what you need, request a quote today, or click to have one of our experts call you back to discuss any questions you have and/or how we can best assist you.


Sample Plans