Existing Condition Floor Plans

At Realserve, we understand the level of accuracy required by project managers and architects in the process of designing, developing, or modifying commercial and industrial property. We believe what you need throughout these processes is an As-Constructed/Existing Measure Floor Plan, to save your time and money.

A precise building survey and preparation of Existing Measure Floor Plan or an As-Built floor plan is one of the most important aspects and elements of the design stage of a refurbishment or renovation. 

A finished building project rarely corresponds directly with the original plans in every detail. This generally occurs due to unforeseeable on-site issues during construction along with any variations from the original plans. If inaccurate plans are relied upon during the refurbishment, costly variations will most likely follow.


Why should I get an As-Constructed/Existing Measure Floor Plans?

As-Constructed or Existing Measure Floor Plans allow you to understand what you can or cannot change about a site, and means all users of your floor plan do not need to attend site, as all the information is collected and recorded on the floor plan drawing. An existing measure floor plan can be used by people throughout New Zealand, or even overseas, as it is a true representation of the building structure on-site.


You can rely on our level of accuracy, which has been used for over 18 years by architects, project managers, and more. We can give you exactly what you need for your project all throughout New Zealand, whether it be the process of developing, altering, or designing of commercial and industrial property.


If you have questions relating to Existing Measure Floor Plans, and how we can assist you, a surveying expert can call you. Click to have one of our experts call you.