Elevations and Sections

At Realserve we understand the importance of knowing the relationships between the existing structures surrounding a project, from floor and ceiling heights, to window locations and roof lines. We bring over 18 years of detailed survey plan experience and you can be confident that our Elevations and Sections drawings are accurate and comprehensive.


What are Elevations and Sections?

The 2D drawings of a building's cross sections and elevations accurately show the building's features from each side. These views are drawn up and provided to you as an elevations and sections plan.

To see some examples of elevations and sections plans, scroll to the bottom of this page to view the Sample Plans.


Why do I need Elevations and Sections plans?

Elevations and Sections can show much more than just a floor plan, such as wall directions and floor heights, but can also include all the floor plan information you require.

At Realserve we have the ability to capture and draw elevations and sections of the project building in conjunction with your floor plans. The floor plan and elevations can be used together to more perfectly interpret any building modifications that may have been conducted without being properly recorded. This gives you complete confidence in your building, design, or refurbishment project.


If an Elevation or Section plan is what you need, request a quote today!


An elevations and sections plan can also be used additionally to our As-Constructed or Existing Measure floor plans. This will give even more accuracy and provide you with increased confidence in your survey plans.