360 Photos of your Building

Are you a developer, architect, or facilities manager administrating the development of a new project? Are you considering providing unparalleled marketing solutions for a new or soon to be completed project? Then the Realserve 360 Photo solution is the answer for you.


Why do I need 360-degree photos of my building?

360 photos are like Google maps street view for your warehouse or building. Our 360-degree, high-resolution photography enables you to create a fully interactive, explorable, walk-through of your shelving and display, your store layout or your office complex.

This is helpful for planning from anywhere in the world, for design, and for stakeholders and clients to view the building in detail. It can also bring more clients to your website, as they will be interested to try this innovative technology.


Here are some specific examples of how 360 photos may help you:

  • You have the opportunity to review in fine detail all the factors which stop you from physically walking through every aisle of remote businesses, including hardware stores and storage facilities.
  • It lessens the number of site visits and walks to determine the influencing factors. It is also able to provide internal reviews of your current structures and facilities and even evaluate your property in finished form to determine the need to refurbish or upgrade. 
  • Your design team and stakeholders are given a vital tool that allows them to view your building in minute detail.
  • Potential clients, customers, and stakeholders will be able to easily visualise your property. This may make them more likely to work with you.


If 360 photos of your building are what you require to improve your workload and impress clients, or if you would like more information Click to request a call back


Realserve can work with you anywhere in New Zealand to provide 360-degree imagery of the surrounding area to your property or project - internally or externally - and allow your clients to access and review them from anywhere in the world. 

Our 360-degree photography services are of the highest quality and precision. Just as you'd need to understand how to lay out your office internals, now you are able to accommodate the position of other buildings, amenities, and outlooks in the design process.