3D Deliverables

3D Laser Scanning is an exciting innovation in the surveying industry, which has not seen such significant advance for many years, and can create models of the shapes of landscapes, buildings, structures or objects in 3D.

The process of scanning creates a dense model of 3D points known as a “point cloud.” The 3D laser scanner can measure highly detailed shapes and complex objects very accurately and quickly, allowing for surveys to be carried out in locations where traditional surveying would be difficult or completely impractical.

Depending on the project, multiple scans of the subject site may be necessary: and these scans are then merged into a single three-dimensional representation of the area and post-processed in suitable software packages. At this point you can use the data as a point cloud model by inserting it directly into your CAD drawing. We are also able to create traditional 2D drawing sets from the data if you require, or even create REVIT / 3D CAD models.


If you would like to receive some examples of the Realserve NZ 3D Scanning and Modelling process, you can contact our New Zealand office (located in Auckland), or request for a New Zealand surveying expert to call you later.

We are also able to set up a meeting at a location that suits you to discuss your project and how we can assist you with our 3D Scanning and Modelling services. If you would like to do so, we recommend contacting our New Zealand office (located in Auckland).


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3D Models are the future of surveying. With millimetre accuracy and more data, you can effectively plan your project and reproduce or redesign any part of your building, landscape, or object.


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