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3D Model

Our NZ 3D Modelling services give effective and understandable 3D visualisation through rich detail and colour. The reality that is captured in a 3D Model is ideal for architectural restoration, planning repairs and maintenance, and/or when deciding to reproduce or redesign intricate building features.

If you want a survey plan for your project that is accurate to the millimetre and captures a site in full intricate detail, we recommend our 3D Scanning and Modelling services..


How is a 3D Model of my structure made?

The 3D modelling process begins by utilising 3D scanners to measure an building/landscape, producing a point cloud. This point cloud data can then be used to create accurate as-built 3D models or 2D plans through post-production software and CAD applications. The 3D As Built Revit model can be used in any 3D CAD software, and can show specific measurements and detailed features of buildings and structures, perfect for any planning or redesign project.

See the GIF near the title to see how we turn point clouds into accurate, reality capturing 3D models.


Why do I need a 3D Model?

As-built 3D plans can help you see exact wall thickness, lighting and sprinklers, mechanical fixtures, window locations, and much more.

Other advantages of a 3D model include:

  • Receiving data fast
  • Unbeatable accuracy
  • Navigable virtual 3D model
  • Measuring complex shapes and highly detailed objects
  • Able to create as-built drawings


Our 3D scanning technology in New Zealand allows for precise surveys to be carried out in diverse environments and in intense detail, where traditional surveying would be impractical. 



Start Confident

Our team of digital experts combine years of technical expertise with deep mechanical, hydraulic, and structural knowledge to build 3D CAD models of buildings and structures. By choosing Realserve, you’ll experience the reassurance of a 3D Scan and Model service with complete accuracy.

We can provide you with 3D Models wherever you are in New Zealand. From Auckland to Christchurch, start confident on your next project by choosing us. Contact us today to find out more, or request for a surveying expert to call you at a convenient time.



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